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  • You can make cash back (return) within 3 days of receiving the order, you can request a replace order within 7 days of receipt, with the need to upload photos, video and a description explaining the reason for the return or replacement, the platform has the right to reject these requests based on the status of each request
  • The platform offers the advantage of multiple payment methods for the merchant and affiliate to use in the process of withdrawing the available earning starting from the first order and piece
    the products on a platform have the advantage that they include the affiliate’s commission, but not the shipping costs, you can know the value of your commission from the product card , within the product details or the quick view , and you can make a discount of up to 50% of your commission or sell the product at a higher price and the price difference will be added to your commission automatically, You can buy the order for yourself and deduct the entire commission
    we serve all over Egypt with fixed rate 35 EGP
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